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History of the Company

Megacom is the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, engaged in promotion, distribution and bringing into the market the newest and most innovative medicines to the people of Ukraine.

Megacom is a pharmaceutical company based in Ukraine with the central office in Kharkov.
Megacom began its activity from september 1995.

Megacom proved to be capable to choose independently the products that are to be promoted and this approach helped Megacom to secure to itself the status of the Ukrainian company that clearly understands its targets and perspective of development.

Today Megacom fruitfully cooperates with Pharma International (Jordan), АВС Farmaceutici (Italy) and Cefak (Germany), Eurodrug (Netherlands).

From the manufacturing programs presented by our existing or potential partners we choose the highly-efficient products for the Ukrainian clients and follow them up at all stages of introduction.

Today more than 115 of employees have been working for Megacom in 23 largest cities of Ukraine.
The team of Megacom is the group of professionals successfully operating on a competitive market of Ukraine carrying out the mission of the company.

Our plans are to have the new contracts and new products, to cooperate actively with a number of specialists, to provide the necessary products to the people of Ukraine and to advance our own efficiency.

We have built the efficient team, that is able to resolve the most difficult tasks and to implement the most interesting projects.