History of the Company
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Megacom is a Ukrainian pharmaceutical company specializing in introducing, promoting, and distributing the newest and most innovative medicines for the Ukrainian market.

Megacom began its operation in Ukraine’s pharmaceutical market in September 1995.
From the very beginning, we aimed to be a valuable and responsible partner to our clients — a model of an independent and ethical modern business, always striving to be a reliable and successful employer.

Currently, Megacom successfully partners with Pharma International (Jordan), АВС Farmaceutici (Italy), Cefak (Germany), and Eurodrug (Netherlands). ...


Over the past 25 years, we have developed a unique corporate culture that we hold dear, cherish and take pride in. And we are eager to share this culture with those who share our values. We see the future in the development, growth, and profitability of our company. Our focus is on continuous expansion of our portfolio with unique and innovative products in diverse therapeutic niches that are essential for Ukraine market. Our goal is to increase the expertise of our team, and maintain a full range of professional services and exclusive distributors. Our autonomy and independence is rooted in our values that focus on ethical standards,...

Mariam Al-Bess Member of the Managing Board
Yevgen Bessonov Member of the Managing Board
Nazarenko Elena Director, Financial Director
Suprun Sergey Head of Operation Department
Сorporate standards

We are building a team, the members of which pursue a general goal and think alike of attaining it. As we not only achieve a success in business, but we also enjoy our working process!
1. Ethics
We follow universal ethical standards: freedom, respect, honesty, tact, adherence to principles, decency, tolerance. We build internal relationships in the company just like between the company and the world based on democratic values. Subordination hierarchy does not apply to private life, political or social attitude, faith. We do not accept lie, violence, any f...