History of the Company

Megacom is the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company, engaged in promotion, distribution and bringing into the market the newest and most innovative medicines to the people of Ukraine.

Megacom is a pharmaceutical company based in Ukraine with the central office in Kharkov.
Megacom began its activity from september 1995.

Megacom proved to be capable to choose independently the products that are to be promoted and this approach helped Megacom to secure to itself the status of the Ukrainian company that clearly understands its targets and perspective of development.

Today Megacom fruitfully coopera...

Mission and Purpose

Our Mission
To give an opportunity to Ukrainian doctors to carry out the main task, that is to help people live longer and healthier life.

Our Purpose
To be an efficient MEGACOMmunicator between the patient, the doctor, the pharmacist and the manufacturer.

Soud Al-bess President
Nazarenko Elena Director, Financial Director
Suprun Sergey Head of Operation Department
Protasenko Inna Chief Commercial Affairs
Сorporate standards

We are building a team, the members of which pursue a general goal and think alike of attaining it. As we not only achieve a success in business, but we also enjoy our working process!
1. Ethics
We follow universal ethical standards: freedom, respect, honesty, tact, adherence to principles, decency, tolerance. We build internal relationships in the company just like between the company and the world based on democratic values. Subordination hierarchy does not apply to private life, political or social attitude, faith. We do not accept lie, violence, any f...