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“Modern pharmacotherapy. The role of the pharmacy employee”, Kherson and Odessa
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On April 18 in Kherson and on April 19 in Odessa hosted a scientific and educational seminar “Modern pharmacotherapy. The role of the pharmacy employee”.
Megacom company was one of the sponsors of the event.
At the seminar were invited to pharmacists, pharmacists, managers of pharmaceutical and pharmacy organizations, experts control and analytical laboratories, registration specialists, employees of specialized departments of medical schools.
The seminar included lectures on the following topics:
• The season of cold and SARS. The role of pharmacy specialist in providing the necessary pharmaceutical care.
• Current state of parasitic infestations in Ukraine.
• Headache and backache. Effective and safe symptomatic treatment.
• Antibiotics and probiotics: how to help restore normal bowel flora.
• Physiological approaches to the prevention and treatment of the most common diseases of children.
• The problem of the efficacy and safety of acetylsalicylic acid preparations. How to help the patient in the pharmacy to make a rational choice.
• Rational therapy and selection of calcium supplements.
• Abdominal pain. Focus on the pharmacist.
• Pharmaceutical care at holiday OTC medications for the treatment of bacterial fungal infection.
• How to get rid of heartburn.. Questions to the pharmacist.
• Antispasmodics in the pharmacy. Choice.