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Сorporate standards

We are building a team, the members of which pursue a general goal and think alike of attaining it. As we not only achieve a success in business, but we also enjoy our working process!
1. Ethics
We follow universal ethical standards: freedom, respect, honesty, tact, adherence to principles, decency, tolerance. We build internal relationships in the company just like between the company and the world based on democratic values. Subordination hierarchy does not apply to private life, political or social attitude, faith. We do not accept lie, violence, any forms of personality discrimination.
2. Company
Our company is based on amiability, responsibility and openness. It means for each of us the following: “I have voluntarily selected this company for myself in life, the success of the company depends on my personal contribution to the common cause, and it means that my personal success and my colleagues’ success also depend on it. When I got a job in MEGACOM I bound myself before my colleagues to do my job so that they could be satisfied with it. All activities of the company are divided into responsibility areas of different employees. I know for certain, who is responsible for a certain area. If I do not know, who is responsible for one or another issue, I take a personal responsibility for its decision, until another person will assume responsibility for it. If a “vacant” issue is beyond my responsibility, I will immediately inform my manager of it. I’m open in relationships with my colleagues irrespective of hierarchy, I do not conceal my actual attitude and motives. I as well as my colleagues need an objective appraisal and true information. Openness means support for me. The company’s employees are not expected to take offence at feedback.”
3. We receive our wages from our customers
The goal of our relationships with the customer is to become a significant partner, that is at best and to a significant extent to satisfy customer’s needs. “The customer is always right” – we understand this principle as everyone’s duty is to provide an objective information from the external environment to the organization. When a client says, we listen to him/her to understand better the world around.
4. Information
Reliability is the main requirement to information. “I bear absolute responsibility for reliability of information, which I give to my colleagues and customers. I always check myself whether I have understood or not the requirements to me and questions of my colleagues and customers in order the information provided by me could be useful. I immediately inform my manager of all “bad” news.”
5. Products
We are responsible for efficacy, safety and quality of our products before our customers and patients. We have no compromises and small details in respect of these issues.
6. Etiquette
“I’m respectful of surrounding people. I understand that amiability and tactfulness begin from my self-esteem.” We do not avoid conflicts between employees – we seek to prevent them: we promptly ask the questions of interest to us, and do not ponder them from our own point of view. Our employees are not expected to be late for meetings, to exert undue influence on one another, not to do requests, not to explain our deeds, to “be not available now”. Self-expression and respect for surrounding people are welcome in respect of dress and behavior.  Business attire is obligatory in work with customers.
7. Profession
Each of us has a profession. The obligatory requirement of the employee’s development in the company is awareness of professional requirements and professional compliance.
8. Work
In the company it is customary to do a job in full force, “with feeling”, realizing one’s own potential. We do not accept idleness, laziness, formalism. We assess work not by quantity and time, but by quality and appropriateness.
9. Leadership
To be a leader means for each of us to know how to provide the best possibilities for realization to people; to be a many-sided person: intelligent, professional, well-bred with moral and spiritual values; to have ambitious and certain goals; to be a positive person, creator with love in soul and sincere interest in people; to know how to surround oneself with like-minded people to achieve goals.  Leadership philosophy of managers is the base of the company, and his/ her personality is the key motivation factor.
10. Management
The manager has a status and good reputation. We do not accept the autocratic, administrative and command management style. While working the manager should use his/her reputation, clarity of speech and thought, ability to understand and never resort to the use of his/her status.
11. Social attitude
We welcome an active social attitude. Each of us represent a company’s image in society. We believe that we provide benefits for society, by common efforts we try to change the world around and ourselves for the better!